Obsessive To Details

Phase Four is a Texas based boutique software development agency, specializing in artificially intelligent solutions, data mining, server/network administration, web applications, and advanced marketing campaigns.

Started in 2009 in a college dorm room, we have since developed into an industry-spanning firm, that manages and develops innovative technical solutions for a wide array of clients, from the Fortune 100s to the self-funded startups.

Our edge? Obessiveness. We take just a handful of projects a year, where we walk alongside our clients, understand their industry, and try to reach new heights together; we live, breath, and obsess over the details together.


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psst... that's a lot

Current Interests

Our ideal project usually consists of big data or a business process in need of automation and intelligence.

We don't take every project, but here are a few of our 2024 interests; some perennial, others flavors of the month.

Web Applications

Business Automation

Artificial Intelligence

Data Mining

Web Visitor Identification

Contact Scraping

Edge Marketing


Real Estate

Snooping and Honeypots

Litigation Preparation

Signals Intelligence

Preferred Stacks

We are comfortable in a variety of environments, but here are a few of our favorites:

  • OS: Linux, MacOS
  • Cloud: Amazon Web Services, Google, Linode
  • Scripting: Perl, NodeJS, Python
  • Database: PostgreSQL, MySQL, NoSQL, Redis
  • Web Frameworks: CakePHP, ExpressJS, Laravel
  • Honorable Mentions: FFmpeg, Selenium
  • Dishonorable Mentions: Microsoft, Wordpress

Not sure what any of that means? That's okay, that's what we're here for.


Enterprise Databases

Your business is only as strong as the data analysis behind it. RDBMS databases, along with the user interfaces to manage them, our are bread-and-butter. This is where the rubber meets the road in coding business logic and algorithms.

Web Applications

From internal dashboards to forward-facing premium apps, we make full-stack web applications that can handle all of your employee, user, and client needs.

Need something in a week? We have lightning fast turnaround time thanks to our proprietary AI code generators.

Big Data

We love big-data projects, hit us with your best shot.

Need to get details for all homes ever sold in Texas? We got you. Need to convert 50,000 handwritten PDFs into a database? We got you.

Edge Marketing

Generic graphic design and advertising while stressing about Google rankings? Boring.

Utilizing next-generation technology to micro-target your potential clients? Much more interesting and will give you the edge over your competitors.

System Administration

For select clients, we'll manage your servers, network, and email, as well as interface with any technology vendors.

Non-Profits and Charities

We're always open to working on non-profits. We are particularly involved in disaster-related non-profits, namely CrowdSource Rescue.

We'll usually work for free or at severely reduced cost. Send us a message; can't promise that we'll always have time, but we'll take a look!

Start Ups

Most of us had our beginning as entrepreneurs, while grinding it out on shoestring budget. We're open to delayed compensation and/or equity ownership, depending on the project. Interested start-ups can send us a pitch.


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